Assemblies Of God District Superintendent, Rev Ndukwe Bans Church Wedding On Sundays

By Newscritic reporters

The Umuahia North Jerusalem District Superintendent of Assemblies of God Church, AGC, Rev J. C Ndukwe, has outlawed the conduct of church weddings on Sundays in his district.
Reverend Ndukwe, described it as an error for pastors to hold wedding ceremonies in their churches on Sundays, saying that such idea is an error that must be corrected.
He pointed out that even if other church branches are conducting weddings on Sundays, it must not be copied in his district because he is against such practice.
The Umuahia North Jerusalem District Superintendent reprimanded some of the branch pastors who have fixed or conducted weddings on Sundays because it’s not ideal and against the district principles.
To him holding wedding on Sundays distorts the church service and programme as it relates to Sunday worship and activities. He stressed that he would not allow it in his district.
The district Superintendent spoke during the AGC district Fellowship held at the AGC Afara 1 on Sunday March 21st, 2021.
In his message titled “The path of progress” the district supritendent emphasised on the importance of obeying the golden rule. Quoting from the book of Matthew chapter 7 verse 12 to 20…he said for by their fruits we shall know them”.
Rev J.C Ndukwe warned that people will go to hell for spreading falsehood, adding that we must not withhold favor when it is within our limit to do so.
“I will want to encourage us the pastors, husbands, wives etc anything you want others to do to you, do so unto them. Let’s be careful, the path to progress…we must obey the golden rule. Those who will say the Lord Has told them or sent them, when the Lord Has not said so…we shall know them by their fruits”, he declared.

Newscritic online reports that Rev J. C Ndukwe, was recently re-elected as district supritendent for another term in office.

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