Police In Imo Assault Woman,64, Shot Son With AK-47 In Brutal Attack On Family

On Saturday 6th March, 2021, a group of police officers drove an unmarked tinted Lexus Jeep into the compound of Mrs Maria Unakalamba in Okwu Uratta, Owerri North LGA, Imo State and demanded to see her son,
Chinedu Unakalamba.

Immediately they saw Chinedu, they shot him on his leg. Moved by the agony of the son, his mother, Mrs. Maria rushed to his side, held him and was shouting for help, asking why they shot her son and who sent them.

In the process of dragging her away from her son, the officers used an AK-47 riffle to hit Mrs. Maria’s face where she sustained severe injuries.

They took her son away to an unknown destination and Mrs. Maria was taken to a drug shop for first aid treatment.

The next morning, 7th March 2021,the family members, Mr. Innocent Unakalamba, Mrs. Maria Unakalamba and Miss. Chinonye Unakalamba went in search of Chinedu in all the Police Divisions and couldn’t find him.

On Monday 8th March 2021, they found him at State CIID Owerri.

The police went ahead and detained the family who came in search of their son…including the brutalized mother.

Currently, the injured 64- year old GrandMother is still in Police Custody with stitches and also her son with gunshot wound is there without any medical treatment.

Mr. Innocent and Miss. Chinonye were freed on Thursday after spending 4 days in detention.

Till the time of going to press, nobody has told them why the brutal attack and arrest.

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