Abia Debt Controversy: Why I’ll Not Join Issues With Sen Orji’s Family- Sir Ako Obioma

In line with my avowed decision on the subject matter, I wish to restate my position earlier not to join issues with Senator T. A Orji’s family or agents in principle. Rather my primary concern is to recover the debts owed my companies by Abia State government through them.
This is because the aforementioned and their agents are politicians, whose stock in trade is blackmail, intimidation, threats and often times telling outright lies. While I’m a businessman/trader whose trademark is exchange of my goods for money, and ready to go every legal length to recover my goods or money from my customers/clients.
So, having waited for eight years of pleading, diplomacy and having heavily contributed financially to the growth of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, with the hope it will touch their conscience to pay me the money they are owing me, I have no other option than to bringing it to the public domain and using all legitimate and legal means to recover my money.
Now that it has become obvious that their action to cripple my business was deliberate, I have weighed the above consequences from them and decided to face the ordeal until Sen T. A Orji and Abia Govt pays the debts to owed to my companies. I assure that if they come after my life, my children will retrieve the debt and continue with the fight.
On the claim by Sen T. A Orji’s family and agents that I’m ungrateful and incompetent, it’s obvious that I have always shown apreciation to his patronage as governor and had always felt it was for good, and that’s more reason why I have been calm for almost ten (10) years. However, with their recent reaction over my simple request for justice in redeeming the debt owe my companies after this prolonged period of patience shows their action was deliberate. In my 34- years of this profession, Sen T A Orji know my capacity right from Imo State, where he was admin officer in government house cabinet office, before Abia was created.
On competence, if my companies were incompetent, how come all my executed projects were certified by the ministry and my completed (low grade) road projects still stand firm without potholes after 10 years and Abians witnessed the glitz and glamor they displayed while commissioning the Army barracks Ohafia, Amaekpu – Okigwe roads in Ohafia, and Amaoba road in Ikwuano, which Sen T A Orji used for his calender even as senator, yet he could not pay for them.
Furthermore, I’m the only major contractor of his administration that have never been invited by EFCC.
I have said it repeatedly, that I won’t join issues with the past Abia first family nor allow my money or business to be politicised, but I will not relent in pressing for payment of the debt owed my companies by the state at their instance.

Sir Ako Obioma, is Chairman Daman Group.

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