“Ako Obioma:Yours Is Amateurish Politics And Not Protest”

Abia North Stakeholders Assembly (ANSA), is aware of a published online material intended to tarnish the image and office of former governor of Abia State and serving senator representing Abia Central senatorial zone, Chief Theodore Ahamefula Orji, CON, and by extension Right Honourable Chinedum Orji, the Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly, by one Ako Obioma, a little-known contractor or road builder heretofore.

Our attention and time wouldn’t have been drawn to responding to such an undignified personality Ako Obioma is, if not for integrity and posterity sake. One, Obioma is as confused as the jumbled piece he wrote or a contracted unprofessional writer wrote for him wherein he made claims of being hunted and haunted by Orji Uzor Kalu and equally being persecuted by Senator T. A. Orji. The most lamentable claim in his lamentation being that Senator T. A. Orji never wanted another Umuahia son to rise who may challenge his political enterprise and empire. The stakeholders wish here to let Obioma have this vital and invaluable piece of information – free of charge – that: While Senator T. A. Orji was never a parochial leader focusing more on insularity. He understood Abia State to be for all of its people whether Umuahia or Bende or Ngwa. It was largely for this reason that he endorsed the Ikpeazu candidacy so that Ngwa people could have a feel of the taste of ‘governorship’. That said, contrary to the lies Obioma tried do hard to sell, many Umuahia sons and daughters were, through Ochendo, lifted both politically and economically. BAWAS construction company, for example, belongs to an Umuahia son who like other Abians, executed a sizable number of contracts. Does this also mean Ochendo wanted to be the only star in Umuahia sky?

Obioma’s antics and tactics are known and that stays for now. We advise Obioma and his co-mourners (if he has any, that is) to learn to understand that the commonwealth of Abia is for all Abians and never for local politics of Umuahia or Ngwa or any parts thereof in the political philosophy of Ochendo when he held sway as governor.

We wish to state that Obioma’s choice of words and manner of writing bore evidences that truly point to the need for his arrest and prosecution. While it is known in government, and in line with due process, that an owner of a company do not use or advance their names but those of their companies’ to transact business, Obioma writes using ‘I’ or ‘Me’ as if he is the be-all and end-all of his construction company which he claimed is the biggest Indigenous firm of such in Abia State.

The Stakeholders Assembly observed that somewhere in paragraph 5 of his letter, Obioma says: ‘I made a request from [sic] the governor for funding, unfortunately, he approved only N100, 000 000…’ The stakeholders Assembly wonders why the Obioma who claimed to owned billions would accept a paltry sum of hundred million naira and why he used the first person pronoun ‘I’ in a statement that was supposed to have quoted a firm he represents (Daman Group in this case) which won the contract after prequalification, advertisement and as well other processes that stand it out as the best local or indigenous construction company in Abia as at the time in question. While on that, we wish to remind Ako Obioma that the lowest and least height he ever settled for in all his verbose release was cheap politics of lies and perfidy even bringing his brother into it. We couldn’t be less sorry or could we show more worry.

As elders living in this polity with stake before people like Obioma Ako, we wish to remind him that his days of inflated contract numbers and figures are behind and so he should refrain from cheap blackmail. Heretofore, he had been praising Senator T. A. Orji but has, after a shameful volte face, started singing another tune. We stakeholders wish to advise a child like him to go get membership card of any choice party and proceed to test his popularity than pour ad hominem on characters like Rt. Hon. Chinedum Orji, the Right Honourable Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly.

Before Obioma Ako opens his mouth to blow his next baloney, may we remind him that when in life one’s relationship with others fails more often than not, the best for one is to reexamine oneself and make amendments were needed. He fell out with Orji Uzor Kalu and later accused the former governor of not giving his brother Federal House of Representatives ticket . He soon courted the next governor Senator T. A. Orji and, as is his wont, fell out with him and resorted to cheap blackmail. Now he is courting Okezie Ikpeazu PhD. We only wish to remind him that governors come and go while the state as an entity remains, so better for him to build legacy than remain a hanger-on all his life; to build his character rather than remain a political turncoat.

Again, records available show Obioma’ group to be the worst infidel with road construction where he abandoned many projects after receiving mobilisation fund or sizable chunk of his inflated numbers. His life of gaudy ostentation is still within public record but as elders and stakeholders we urge him to grow up and quit his unsavoury attitude. If he had issues with Senator Orji Uzor Kalu and later with Senator Theodore Ahamefula Orji, he is capable of having them with Governor Okezie Ikpeazu when his demands are not met, be they political or economical. We wish to serve this on him: that he is not worthy of and cannot walk in the shoes he tries to untie with his garrulity by talking negatively about past office holders. Politics has been favourable to people like him but he becomes vociferous when he is not in job or when his largesse is running out. A chameleonic character like him cannot be relied or trusted with public utilities let alone roads.

Abia has always been in safe hands, it does not matter whether or not his hands are involved. Enough said.


Chief Goodluck Ibem
President General

Hon. Sunday CHUKWU
Publicity Secretary

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