Anambra 2021: We Need Bold, Futuristic Leaders Like Obiano- Akachukwu Nwankpo

A frontline Anambra State governorship aspirant and former kitchen cabinet aide of ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Chief Akachukwu Nwankpo has described the described the array of budding stars lining up to clinch the 2021 governorship seat of the state as “healthy for the state” as gives the people latitude to choose wisely.

Fielding questions from journalists who visited his campaign office on the Agu-Awka industrial layout yesterday, the visibly confident governorship hopeful commended what he saw as an uncanny boldness of the incumbent-governor Willie Obiano in taking up certain life enhancing projects in the state.

Admitting the need for an infrastructure revolution in the state, he said, 
“…need boldness in dealing with our necessary infrastructure in the state; the kind of boldness that Gov Willie Obiano has shown in building the international airport. 

“Gov Obiano has also shown unique boldness in building roads. We need similar kind of boldness in dealing with our electricity, opening up of our water ways. The kind of boldness required in bringing gas to Anambra state. 

“So I think that boldness is what is needed. When you appraise the people that have governed the state, you see they had dwelt on building tiny tiny stuff and things like that, instead of creating highways they only ended up maintaining just the community roads that continue to reduce the state to a little village. But Obiano came and saw things very differently. He apparently saw the need for an international airport. If you go to the airport today, and see what he is presently doing, you will marvel. It’s huge!

That project is a bold statement. He’s building an international facility that can take the maintenance of aircrafts, global landing platforms with limitless export potentials. He’s opening up Anambra to the world in a bold massive way. That’s the kind of psychology needed to be transferred to other aspects of our lacking infrastructure. That is my mindset. Anambra should therefore go for a man with that kind of bold approach to issues”, Nwankpo pointed out.

He said he was in the race to win and provide a leadership that is able to bring the entire citizens of the state to play roles in the development of the state. “That’s why I call myself “a facilitator”.

Nwankpo urged the electorate to be circumspect in their choice of the next governor of the state. To go for someone who has a programme that will benefit all, not one with ego problem written all over him. Not someone who has suddenly become a smiling face because of the coming poll, who would turn his back the moment election is over.

With APGA, we are under one party, one God and one culture.

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