Team New Nigeria Out To Champion The Rebirth Of New Political Behavior- Barr Chukwuemeka Ihunna

By NewsCritic reporter

The zonal coordinator of Team New Nigeria, TNN, a socio-political movement in the country, Barrister Chukwuemeka Pius Ihunna, has said that the group is primarily founded to champion the rebirth of a new political behaviour and to make Nigeria work.
Barrister Ihunna, while speaking to NewsCritic online after a stakeholders meeting of the group held in Umuahia the Abia State capital on Friday 26th, February 2021, explained that the birth of Team New Nigeria, TNN, “as a socio-political movement is geared towards the renaissance of the right political behaviour in Nigeria”.
He pointed out that the group is seeking for an alteration of the status quo where incompetence, ethnicity and all forms of primordial sentiments that tend to put down development and enhancement of potentials of Nigerian citizens are removed in public governance.
According to the zonal coordinator “The Team New Nigeria is all about the enthronement of competence in public governance, to advocate that the right people who are qualified for positions are the ones to occupy public office. That’s the summary of what TNN is out to achieve”, he said.
Barr Ihunna, while answering a question on the country’s leadership question argued that it’s good as Nigerians we subject ourselves to subjective assessment of the politics of our time, and asked, “are you confident the way and manner resources, potentials are being managed in this country, is of the best results?
Continuing he said “everybody loves Nigeria to survive, we’re already enjoying the country and we don’t want to cease to enjoy Nigeria and that’s the reason we are coming together. It’s about how to make Nigeria to work better, he adds.
On whether TNN is affiliated to any political party, Barr Ihunna stressed that the movement is open to people of all political divides. “It’s not limited to APC or PDP, it’s not exclusive of any political party but it’s inclusive of every party affiliation”. He noted that the movement is a conglomeration of progressives and all who think good about Nigeria are admissible into TNN.

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