IGP Adamu Queries Two Igbo Officers For Referring To Him As Former IGP (see query)

Inspector-General Mohammed Adamu has fired queries to two police officers who appeared to mock him for remaining longer than he should be in service. President Muhammadu Buhari extended Mr. Adamu’s tenure by three months in what has now been widely seen as a sectional plot to deprive a southern police officer of the inspector-general post.

Police memo obtained by an online media, said Mr. Adamu queried two officers for mocking and condemning him on WhatsApp, with one officer calling him ‘Ewu Nasarawa’; roughly translated from Igbo as ‘a Nasarawa goat.’ Mr. Adamu is from Nasarawa State in Nigeria’s north-central.

“The IGP is highly embarrassed, piqued and disappointed by your irresponsible and disrespectful conduct and has therefore directed that you be queried,” the memo said.

Victor Eze and Paul Ekumawoke, both assistant police superintendents, were condemned for their action and queried for insubordination, discreditable conduct, divided loyalty and act unbecoming of a public officer.

The officers involved are being queried for discussing and making reference to the police chief on WhatsApp group chats.

Police spokesman Frank Mba did not return a request seeking comments.

Mr. Buhari’s decision to extend Mr. Adamu’s tenure has faced harsh criticism since the announcements

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