S’West PDP Mourns Jakande’s Death, Tells Buhari Not To Shed Crocodile Tears

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the South-West has described
the death of the first civilian Governor of Lagos State, Alhaji Lateef
Kayode Jakande as the “demise of the last of the real Awoist among the
so-called Awo-cap-wearing progressives.”

The party however admonished President Muhammadu Buhari and his All
Progressives Congress (APC) self-appointed progressives to allow
Lagosians to mourn their hero in peace and stop their crocodile tears
over his death.”

Reacting to the death of Jakande in a statement on Friday,  by its
Zonal Director Media and Publicity,  Lere Olayinka,  the PDP said if
not that teaching of history was stopped in the country,  the present
and future generations of Lagosians will worship Jakande like a god.

The South-West PDP said what Jakande did in Lagos State within four
years has not been equalled by all those who have governed the State
since 1983.

“We in the South-West PDP mourn the passing unto glory of a real
servant of the people, whose footprints will remain on the sands of
Lagos State forever.

“His death,  though painful, is a fulfilment of the will of Allah
(Subhanahu wa ta’ala) and we are confident that for his deeds while
alive,  he will be granted Aljannah firdaus.

“However,  it is our admonition to President Buhari and his APC not to
shed crocodile tears over the death of Jakande.

“It is on record that Buhari cancelled the Lagos Metroline network
initiated by Jakande then and went ahead to pay compensation to the
French company that handled it,  costing Lagosians over $78 million.

“If not because of Buhari’s 1984 act of wickedness, transportation
problems in Lagos would have been solved permanently.‬ The metroline
project would have made life easier and changed the face of
transportation in Lagos.

“Same Buhari and his APC people are now on the rooftops, eulogising
Jakande after his death. To us in the South-West PDP, this is
hypocrisy at its ridiculous peak and it is unacceptable.

“It is our  prayer that God will grant the family he left behind, the
government and people  of Lagos State the strength to bear the loss.”

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