The Face Of A Homosexual: Gov Umahi’s Aide Accused Of Sodomy

According to one Engr Damian of the Ebonyi News forum, Mr Ukah Franklin (Former SA on Water Resources from Amagu has met his water low. He is said to be a habitual homosexual. He is alleged to had been secretly defiling innocent young boys, who are in secondary school in the name of helping them.

It was alleged that luck ran out of him when he was caught in the act defiling an innocent boy (name withheld) from Akeze Ivo LGA. It was a horrible experience as many young boys are said to be bringing in reports of sodomy against Mr Ukah Franklin.

When quizzed by angry mob, he allegedly confessed that he was initiated into the family of gay by his friend when he was doing his NYSC at NNPC complex Abuja.

“If you watch closely, you will observe that he is always wearing Pampers”, the report alleged.

However, the gay practice has made him unable to marry till date.

“As he is currently licking his wounds, we call on the appropriate authorities to ensure justice for the defiled young boys.

“It has been equally exposed how the former SA on water Resources allegedly stole unquantifiable Government properties and used it to open shop at ASA Road Eke Ishiagu.

“Before he was made SA on water Resources, he had nothing. He was just managing his life which he has used to destroy many young boys.

As soon as he was given the SA on water Resources, he was said to had allegedly started to divert building materials like cement, rods, binding wires etc meant for the construction of Ivo Water Project at Ishiagu and used same to stock his shop at ASA road, Eke Ishiagu.

When contacted via phone by bthis reporter to respond to some of the allegations against him on the social media, Mr Ukah Franklin mute his calls.

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