Anambra: Tension In Nanka Community Over Choice of Traditional Prime Minister

A tussle between Amakor village, Nanka in Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State and the leadership of Nanka Patriotic Union [NPU] over the rightful village to produce the traditional Prime Minister (Onowu) of the community is brewing tension in the area.

Already, Amakor, which claims to be the rightful village to produce Onowu Nanka has announced the withdrawal of its loyalty to their monarch, Igwe Godwin Ezeilo, and the NPU leadership pending when some alleged injustices meted to it were addressed.

At a press briefing in Awka, the state capital, Chairman of Amakor Njikoka Development Union, Obinna Ilo and secretary, Walter Muoneme, alleged that someone else from a younger village to theirs had been installed as the Onowu  Nanka by their alleged oppressors.

They also dismissed the press conference held recently at the palace of the monarch wherein the monarch, Igwe Ezeilo and the president-general, Chief Paul Chinedu, were quoted as saying that peace had returned to the community.

Amakor leadership said that peace could only return when the provisions of their chieftaincy constitution which gives them the right to produce the next Onowu were met.

“On our part, Amakor village has done everything humanly possible to prevail on NPU and the Igwe Ezeilo to follow the constitution, culture and tradition of Nanka in handling the Amakor issue but all such efforts were ignored by same power bloc that holds Nanka hostage”, they claimed.

“It is obvious that in Nanka, some individuals have hijacked the peaceful community and introduced divide and rule kind of disorder that is rocking the boat of the town for years now.

“They suppress accountability and stifle opposition to suite their misadventure. They in place of liberty, instate oppression and suppression, then turn around to paint picture of peace, when there is none.”

The group said Amakor Village has borne the brunt of the evil machinations of the community leadership, adding that they were supposed to produce the traditional prime minister (Onowu) of the community by order of seniority, by a few cabal bypassed her to select a prime minister from a junior village.

The village head however stated that the village believes in Igwe Godwin Ezeilo as the monarch of the community, but disagreed with his use of what they called an alien Constitution in administering the community.

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