Why Prince B.B Apugo Despise Senator T.A Orji- Aide

By NewsCritic Reporters

Fresh facts have emerged on why the Board of Trustees, BoT, member of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Prince BB Apugo loathes Senator T.A Orji despite the latter’s performance as two term governor of Abia State and serving senator representing Abia Central at the Red Chambers of the National Assembly.

Speaking in an interview with NewsCritic at his office, Chief Liaison Officer to Senator Orji, Mr Ifeanyi Umere disclosed that the reason why Prince BB Apugo is in the habit of blackmailing and spewing hate speech against Senator T.A Orji has been explained by one of Apugo’s sons and which was reported in the media.

According to Umere, Prince Apugo hates Senator Orji because of the senator’s magnanimity and large heart which resulted in Ochendo making many Ibeku sons to become successful and independent in life. He said this is contrary to Apugo’s style because prefers to be the only ‘Iroko’ that people should grovel to before he could give them tokens.

“The reason why Prince Apugo hates, blackmail Ochendo is because Senator Orji opened up the space and made Ibeku boys to become successful in life. He was the only man standing in Ibeku land before the coming of Ochendo and every other person comes to show obeisance to him for handouts.

“I want to say it again that Ochendo is not facing corruption trial of any sought and never tampered with Abia State funds during his tenure as governor. What Apugo is doing amounts to kettle calling pot black. So I have found solace in the summary of his son, remember one of his sons threatened to drag him before the deity for abandoning him.

“There is no comparison between Apugo and Ochendo because Apugo is not electable, he is a spent force, a man whose business is land grabbing. Since he was domiciled as APC BoT member have you seen him attend any meeting or meet with President Muhammadu Buhari?

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