Nigeria: 1,202 Defenseless Christians Hacked To Death By Jihadists In Six Months- Report

Threats to citizens’ rights to freedom of worship and religion in Nigeria; have continued unabated with hacking to death by the country’s Islamic Jihadists or radical Islamists of no fewer than 1,202 defenseless Christians in first six months of 2020.

“The killings were perpetrated by Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen who killed 812 Christian and Boko Haram/ISWAP and others 390 Christian deaths. Boko Haram/ISWAP had during the period killed over 600 persons and over 260 in the past 45 days of 15th May to 30th June 2020; out of which, 300 of them were strongly believed to be Christians.

“That is to say that between 1st Jan and 14th May 2020 when we did our last update, not less than 200 Christians were hacked to death by Boko Haram/ISWAP; and out of over 260 killed by the same Jihadist sect from 15th May to 30th June 2020, not less than 100 were strongly believed to be Christians.

Intersociety had in her last update of 14th May 2020 disclosed that “Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen accounted for at least 470 Christian deaths out of total of 620 recorded from the start of January 2020 to 14th May 2020 while Boko Haram and others accounted for 150”. Our organization also reviewed the number of Christians hacked to death by Nigeria’s Jihadist groups from July 2009 to date and disclosed that “32,000 Christian lives will have been lost from July 2009 to end of Dec 2020; involving Jihadist Herdsmen 15,000 deaths (6,000 deaths: June 2009-Dec 2014 and 9,000 deaths: Jan 2015-Dec 2020) and Boko Haram/ISWAP 16,800 deaths (11,400 deaths: July 2009-Dec 2014 and 5,400 deaths: Jan 2015-Dec 2020)”.

New Statistics On Jihadist Herdsmen Killings: The leading perpetrators in the latest round of anti Christian butcheries in Nigeria are the Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen who accounted for no fewer than 812 deaths in six months and 258 deaths from 15th May to 30th June 2020. No fewer than 90 Christian deaths, omitted in our last update of 14th May 2020 have been added; mostly from Southern Kaduna with 80 additional deaths. While the Adara Community, an area with predominant Christian population, lost 143 of the 2002 Christian deaths in first six months of 2020, the remaining predominantly Christian communities in the State recorded a total of 56 deaths including last week’s attack in Chibok Community, Zango-Kataf Local Government Area killing six Christians. Three more Christian deaths were added, totaling the 202 deaths from Southern Kaduna alone. The Adara Community which is located in Kajuru Local Government Area had also in 2019 lost not less than 240 Christians to Fulani Jihadists. The rest of the predominantly Christian communities in the State lost not less than 80, totaling 320. These are according to statistics obtained by Intersociety from the leaderships of Southern Kaduna People’s Union-SOKAPU and Adara Dev Association as well as other dependable sources.

Breakdown Of The Jihadist Herdsmen Killings: Our detailed statistics gathered across the country concerning the killing of defenseless Christians by the State backed Jihadist Fulani Herdsmen in the past six months of 2020 clearly indicated that Southern Kaduna topped the list with 202 deaths, involving 143 killed in Adara Community and over 56 killed in other Christian communities in the State. Plateau State came second with 158 deaths, Benue 142 deaths, Kogi and Adamawa 40 deaths each and Taraba, Niger and Nasarawa 30 deaths each. Igbo Land including Igbo-Delta and Igbo-Benue recorded at least 30 deaths, non Igbo-Delta 20 deaths, Edo 10 deaths and Southwest particularly Ondo and Oyo 20 deaths.

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