Abia COVID-19 Index Case Not From Ohuhu Land, Says Obi Aguocha

The attention of the Central Executive Council of the Ohuhu Welfare Union (CEC) has been drawn to an online publication in a number of Ohuhu platforms by an unknown author purporting that one of the known cases of Covid-19 patients in Abia State is from Nkata Okpuala, Nkwoegwu in Ohuhu.

Nothing can be further from the truth. The CEC of the OWU has acted with the highest sense of responsibility since the confirmation of the index cases in Abia State, three days ago.

Contrary to the false narrative and alarm the author has tried to raise, most Ohuhu people will remember that the OWU promptly issued a statement on the alleged arrival of Covid-19 infection in Umuahia North the moment the news broke. (Statement issued through several Ohuhu online platforms: 21st April, 2020 @7:37am)

In that statement, we warned our people to be extra vigilant while promising to find out from the highest levels of government the identity and place of origin of the index case patient from Umuahia North.

Within fourteen hours, we got this information indicating that the index case in Umuahia North is a woman in her Seventies from Ikwuano Local Government Area, who lives in Umuahia Urban metropolis.

In our follow up statement, we cautioned our people that the index case lives close by us in Umuahia urban area, and expressed fears that some of our brothers and sisters may have made contact either with the woman or with those who had made contact with her. (Statement issued through several Ohuhu online platforms: 21st April, 2020 @8:40pm)

In all these statements, we have continued to enjoin our people to diligently observe the Covid-19 protocols already established by the Government.

It is on record that the past two successive Nkwoegwu market days  didn’t hold because OWU leadership, the Okaiuga Nkwoegwu Improvement Union, the Chairman, Umuahia North Local Government, Nkwoegwu and Ekeoba Traditional Rulers, and the Divisional Police Officer, prevented the market from holding.

From the foregoing, it is obvious the author of the alarmist piece is either out of touch with the developments in Ohuhu land, and the efforts of the CEC to sensitize and secure the lives of  Ohuhu people, since the outbreak of this pandemic.

For the avoidance of doubt, as at today, there is not a single Covid-19 case either identified by the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC), or the Abia State Government anywhere in Ohuhu land.*

We pray and hope it remains so.

As much as we appreciate the concerns behind this needless alarm, we want to advise our people to desist from spreading rumours or taking actions that may be counter-productive and distract us from the set target of refocusing Ohuhu land for a greater tomorrow.

Once again we enjoin everyone to please join OWU in keeping Ohuhu and its people safe.

We thank all our sons and daughters, who have sacrificed so much through contributions in cash and kind and invaluable encouragements in the service of our mother land.

God bless Ohuhu land.

Obi Aguocha

President General

Ohuhu Welfare Union Worldwide

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