Group Commends Anambra CP Over Traffic Control At Onitsha Bridge, Sets Up Surveillance Team

…cautions VIPs Against violation of traffic code

The concern of Anambra State Police Commissioner of Police, CP John Abang to ensure hitch -free traffic flow at the Onitsha Niger Bridge, has attracted the commendation of human right activists in the State.

The Human right, Liberty Access, and Peace Defenders Foundation (HURIDE), in a statement said they were so far impressed by the commitments and sensitivity of the State Police Commissioner to the cries of the users of the bridge.

The group said the visit of the Commissioner himself, Friday, December 20,2019, to see the complaints of people that Police itself and other security agents was obstructing the free flow of traffic with the way they positioned their surveillance equipment at the tip of the Onitsha end of the bridge.

The rights group said although the equipment was still situated at the place, the Commissioner’s visit brought some reliefs to users of the bridge, but sadly they security agents normally returned back in the evening to reintroduce the extortion of motorists leading to serious traffic.

However, Dede Uzor A Uzor, who signed the statement with his chief media officer Comrade Unah Zack Unah, said the visit was not enough, insisting that it must be followed with serious actions.

He said the gadgets can still be shifted further down to free the entire area of the bridge from any form of obstruction.

He said the rights group has set up a surveillance team that will monitor the traffic situation from the Asaba end of the bridge to Onitsha, and Owerri Road, starting from Friday December 20, 2019, to first week of January 2020.

“We will not hesitate to beam our searchlight on the activities of the security operatives who will abandon their schedule to collect money from road users, including those stationed under the bridge.

We will not only report such security operatives, whether they are soldiers, Police or Road Safety personnel but shame them by publishing their names for their respective authorities”, warned Dede Uzor.

He called for the removal of the Police on red Barret from the Bridge Head, whose only duty was to block the Bridgehead as from 5pm to extort money from motorists, warning that they will not hesitate to expose their nefarious activities.

He also said that there are some unscrupulous security operatives who allowed themselves to be procured by some Nigerians to escort them out of the traffic gridlock by using one way especially from Asaba, thereby blocking an upcoming vehicle.

“Our team saw this yesterday when they went out to monitor traffic situation.

We call on the security Commanders in both Anambra and Delta States especially the Police and Army Commanders to call their men to order, so as not to tarnish their hard earned image” said Dede Uzor.

The group equally cautioned highly placed Nigerians such as political class, businessmen, top military, Police and para -military who apply one way, thereby increasing the gridlock and sufferings of Nigerians.

HURIDE called on Abang to checkmate the activities of his men under the bridge who allegedly start from 6am to collect tolls in full glare of members of the public from motorists till at about 11am.

The group said they had already tipped Abang for their human rights award if this year’s traffic at Onitsha bridge was well managed to reduce the sufferings of Nigerians, making use of the road as well as yuletide in the State devoid of high crime rate like kidnapping, armed and bank  robbery, Dede Uzor promised.

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