Isi-Gate Market Umuahia: No Going Back On December 31 Relocation Notice- Govt

Despite repeated warnings, the Ministry of Trade and Investment has observed with dismay that traders bringing in produce and different items into Umuahia have continued to offload these items at Cooperative area and just about anywhere they find space within Umuahia metropolis, with attendant hazards to goods and members of the public

From Midnight 31st December 2019, the date agreed with traders at Ishi Gate to move, every trader bringing any form of produce (rice, palm oil, onions, tomatoes, vegetables etc) or such other items into Umuahia should direct all vehicles to any of the four government designated parks at Ubani – Ibeku Ultra-Modern Market.

Government has directed Produce Marshalls and Inspectors to impound vehicles and subsequently prosecute any trader caught flaunting order in this regard.

Please do not offload produce (as mentioned above) or such other items for sale in the markets anywhere within Umuahia metropolis except at Ubani – Ibeku Ultra-modern market

Rt. Hon. Cosmos Ndukwe

Hon. Commissioner for Trade and Investment

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