My Dream Is To Become A Runaway Model, Says Queen Genevieve

By NewsCritic Reporters

The reigning Miss Legacy Nigeria, a beauty pageant Genevieve Ifeoma Eziefule, has said that her dream is to become an international model who will represent her country and culture.

Speaking in an interview with The NewsCritic online, the upcoming model explained that the Miss Legacy Pageantry is designed to empower young girls and give them the opportunity to discover themselves.

She disclosed that modelling has been part of her right from her early years as a kid of five years, adding that it has always been her dream to be a commercial runaway model, saying that becoming a beauty queen is like a dream come true.

Genevieve thanked God for making it possible and all that have supported her all through to realise her dream. The beauty queen sees herself as a humble, obedient and kind hearted girl who likes to give back to the society, pointing out that her role model in life are Genevieve Nnaji and Agbani Darego who inspired her so much.  

On whether her family supports her career path, Genevieve said that initially her parents were against it, but later came to support her. According to her the father thought it was not a responsible way to go, but has seen her doing well. “So he is very impressed with me, she adds.

She advised all the young girls and aspiring models out there not to give up on their dream, but to continue to push because one day the dream will turn to reality.

The Miss Legacy promised that her Pet Project as a reigning beauty queen will centre on the fight against Fibroids and cancer, the twin disease that plague women in the society. She said she will hold outreach programmes and meetings with women to seek ways to fight the dreaded sickness.

Genevieve who said she is already planning her trip to Dubai, refused to speak on her private life. When asked if she is in a relationship, she replied that she won’t like to talk about her private life to the press because she is still an upcoming model.

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