The Rise And Rise Of Dr ACB Agbazuere

By NewsCritic Reporters

Dr ACB Agbazuere means different things to different people, to some he is the quintessential scholar, while to others he is the political juggernaut who has mastered the game of politics. Yet, to others Agbazuere is the legendary philanthropist and humanist, a journalist and activist joined together. From whichever lens you wish to view the new Chief of Staff, COS, to Abia State Government, one thing that cannot be disputed about him is that he is a competent and capable aide who has distinguished himself in all areas.

Appointed as Chief of Staff to Governor Okezie Ikpeazu on the November 5, 2019, ACB Agbazuere Ph.D., remains one of the most celebrated politicians in Abia today on account of his innumerable achievements in virtually all the positions he had occupied in the state. His last duty as the General Manager of Abia State Passengers Integrated Manifest and Safety Scheme, ASPIMSS, one of the state government parastatals was remarkable in many ways and the workers can vouch for him because he made their welfare a priority unlike his predecessors.

At the time he was appointed GM of the ailing parastatal, workers’ salaries were not paid regularly and the morale was low, but within one month of assumption of office he cleared the arrears, as well as maintained regular payment of workers’ salaries before month end, until his new appointment as chief of staff. Those who know said he plugged all revenue leakages and advised the staff against diversion of funds, and it worked.

Said he “we paid January 2019 salary on the 24th of January and we have maintained that date for payment of staff salaries except in August that I had to pay on the 22nd because I was travelling outside the state and I did not want to fail the 24th date of payment.

The Agbazuere magic wand did not stop in the payment of workers’ salaries, he also reconstructed, reroofed and landscaped ASPIMSS head office located at Timber Road Umuahia, to the surprise of the state government and all Abians, who felt it was an impossible task in view of the meagre resources that accrues to the parastatal. In fact, he left behind a modern ASPIMSS that the state government is proud of both in terms of structure, facilities and enlightenment on safety standards on the roads.

Dr Agbazuere has served Abia State in various capacities including as two-time former commissioner for Information and Strategy, Executive Chairman Isiala-Ngwa South local government, Special Adviser, Special Assistant et al.

His appointment as chief of staff is well received in Abia and beyond given the fact that he distinguishes himself in any position he occupies. Those who have followed his politics can attest that he can hold the government for Dr Ikpeazu without qualms. He is the typical man of the people.

Already he has announced some names of new political appointees and also embarked on strategic visits like the visit to HRM Eze Enweremadu, Ezeogo Anagha Ezeikpe and others. Agbazuere is the tough politician that people like on account of his human kindness and fearless spirit. In him Ikpeazu has made the right choice.  

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