Ex-Senior Usher Of RCCG Writes Yemi Osinbajo, Says He Has Failed

My Dear Brother and Pastor, Yemi Osibajo,

l greets you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, my saviour. By the Grace of God, l am 56 years, a widower and a responsible father. A member of the great denomination, RCCG for more than 24yrs. Up till last year, l was probably the oldest usher in my region, Glory be to God Almighty. Currently l am in charge of my Parish CSR Committee. l deliberately rejected to be ordained as a Deacon or Pastor because I have reservations for some of believers of the great mission.

Brother Yemi, l was opportuned to collect your offering more than five times either at the Camp or Apapa family of RCCG during special programmes.

When you were the Attorney General & Commissioner of Justice, l opened the case of your principal’s undeclared assets from the United States. l wrote the then sitting President, five letters and all the ruling party governors why the LION must be brought to justice. Please, google: Olufemi Aduwo and B.T. At last, the President summoned courage and directed the AG & Minister of Justice to arraign only the lion who does not reside in the jungle. The CCT, office of AG & Minister of Justice bungled the case, before the lion was put inside cage. l was contacted for settlement by three people and l told them, it was not targeted at personal enrichment.

My Dear Brother in Christ, many Christians believe probably you are the only Christian in government who is a saint. l told them you are not. Brother Yemi between 1988 – 92 you served as a Special Adviser to the Attorney General, Prince Ajibola during IBB regime, a good number of people opined that you drafted all the draconian  decrees then.

For 8 years, you served another game master as AG & Commissioner for Justice. You assisted BAT in preparing the laws which allow him to be paid after leaving office until he will enter grave. Such humongous amount, probably more than what the sitting governors receive.

Behold other former governors join in what l call OFFICIAL STEALING. Recently under Buhari government, some courageous Judges have declared such payment not only illegal but direct stealing. Till this morning, your boss collects the payment.

Brother Yemi, Christ the hope of glory, the author and finisher of our faith should be our mentor in whatever we do as Christians either in market place or public space.

ln the year 2010, l lost my wife due to the carelessness of doctors and in less than two months, l got an invitation from DSS H/Q annex, Ruwane road lkoyi, to report. l did not know why l was invited but as an activist, l did not know if l had offended any Nigeria kingmakers. When l got there, a three-man panel put questions across to me for six hours, some l answered and some l told them, such acts belong to the past.

l was asked to report back the second days with my certificates which l did. l was put inside a dark room and they took my pictures, front, back and both sides. It was after all these, they told me the purpose of the 24hrs assignment. I wept, to them, the DSS operatives, it was tear of joy. l told them why l would not accept such appointment, my children were then 2, 4 & 7 years. How to care for them was my utmost concern. l pleaded with them to put in there report that l was not interested.

Less than a month later, l told Governors Segun Oni, Imoke and Chief (Uncle Ebino) about the appointment, which they were happy about but l did not tell them what l told the DSS, they contacted the Chief of Staff to the President, individually to find out when l would resume, they could not believe what they were told, that l rejected the appointment. They asked me why and l told them my reasons, they tried to convince me to picking up the appointment but l stood my ground and above all, l am not even a member of PDP, in fact till date, l do not belong to any political party. All the money in my bank account as at when I was rejecting a federal appointment was less than N100,000.

Brother Yemi, God has been so good to you, on a platter of gold through the power of lion who resides  in human house you became a Vice President. Brother Yemi nothing separates you from other politicians of either APC or PDP. Many believe by virtue of your academic achievement and being a pastor, you would be an exceptional leader, very sad, you failed.

Judas was an apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ, he performed wonders and miracles, but he was a thief. Sir, regardless of your aides’ defence, we know that you are not needed anymore as a Vice President by the same power that brought you in. I will advice you as a brother to please resign and ask for restitution from God for any shortcomings and move on.

As Christians, we are called to be the “salt” and “light” of the world (Matt 5:13-15), and this certainly includes our workplace. Politics often lead to undesirable consequences such as workplace injustice, hostilities, discriminations, hurts and stress, etc. As salt has healing properties, we have the responsibility to bring healing to our workplace, to help undo the wounds caused by the politics in our organizations. We are also called to help transform the culture of our workplace for the better where possible. In the Old Testament, God placed servants like Nehemiah at the right place, at the right time to fulfil His purpose. In our modern times, God continues to place some of us in positions to be able to transform our workplace for the better. Sometimes this may be achieved by shedding light on dark politics in the office. But in a situation where it is becoming impossible to make meaningful changes, then, it is honourable to bow out.

Apostle Paul wrote in Philippians 4:8: _”Dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise”_

Brother Yemi, l wish you all the best and l look forward to see you at December 2019 RCCG Holy Congress.

Yours in Christ,

Brother Olufemi  Aduwo,

Permanent Representative of CCDI to United Nations]

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