We’ll Organise Credible Election That Will Produce The Best Leadership In Ohuhu Land- Hon Onyeoziri

By NewsCritic Reporters

The Chairman of the Caretaker Committee constituted to organise fresh elections for the Ohuhu Welfare Union, Hon Clement Onyeoziri has declared that their primary concern is to organise a credible election that will produce the best candidate for the body who can outperform Hon Longman Nwachukwu.

Speaking in an interview with The NewsCritic online in his office, the Secretary of Umuahia North Primary Education Authority maintained that there is no crisis in the Ohuhu Welfare Union as erroneously believed by many people, adding that the union will come out stronger and better focused after the coming election.

He stressed that the little disagreement in the union stems from the move to amend the constitution in order to elongate the tenure of the executives, adding that the issue has been resolved. “Some of this things when it happens it will appear that it is going to destroy the foundation of the body, but it will not, he said.

Onyeoziri disclosed that his main focus is to organise a very transparent election that will bring out the best leadership in Ohuhu land that the world will see the difference.

He also said that there is no crisis of identity in the name of the body as being suggested in many quarters, as according to him Ohuhu Welfare Union remains the name of the organisation, while Ohuhu Development Union is what it is known as in the Diaspora.

He regretted that Ohuhu Welfare Union has not been able to produce any other leader in the mould of Hon. Longman Nwachukwu, with vision and passion for the job. Onyeoziri pointed out that it is his earnest desire that the union will elect a candidate who has the interest of Ohuhu people at heart, and not to answer the name as status symbol.

Said him “I want someone who will make a mark like Mr Longman did as the President-General and not an unserious candidate who will not understand the strategic role of the seat to the general well- being of Ohuhu people”.

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