#IgboYahooBoys, #YorubaDrugDealers Trend As Nigerians Fight Dirty Over FBI List

The case of 78 Nigerian-born men who were indicted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation mid last week has led to angry debates and taking sides among Nigerians on the social media.

It may be recalled that Igbo names featured prominently on the FBI charge sheet relating the criminal activities of some 80 persons indicted in one of the massive Internet scams in American history.

Since the documents were declassified in the US and published globally, including in Nigeria, there have been all sorts of reactions to the issue.

The table turned on Sunday morning as an April 2019 list of convicted drug dealers resurfaced in the media.

The four-month-old report had revealed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was set to execute 23 Nigerians who were arrested  for drug offences as far back as 2017.

While the names on the FBI list were mostly Igbo, those on the Saudi list were mostly Yoruba, with a sprinkle of wholly Muslim names which some suspected to be Hausa.

Consequently, as the hashtag #IgboYahooBoys trended last week, #YorubaDrugDealers took the centre stage on Sunday.

80 #IgboYahooBoys have not been found guilty of fraud but 23 Nigerians who are all from the two tribes that were claiming sainthood, yoruba and hausa-fulani are to be executed in Saudi Arabia cos drug trafficking. Dis is a case of ité igwē calling kettle black. #Yorubadrugdealers

Lol….yoruba boys can’t do the drug business…they snitch alot…#Yorubadrugdealers pic.twitter.com/

— The ROY (@__PrinceRoy) August 25, 2019

There is nothing like 23 Nigerians, it’s #Yorubadrugdealers pic.twitter.com/z4YjB9aOSR

— Dadi Monso (@dadimonso1) August 25, 2019

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