FBI Suspect List: Omokri, Others Condemn #IgboYahooBoys Hashtag On Twitter

Nigerians are condemning a trend on Twitter with the hashtag #IgboYahooBoys, which emerged after the United States charged 80 people to court, mostly Nigerians and of Igbo origins, for a multi- million dollars Internet scam.

The hashtags have drawn widespread criticism for promoting hate and ethnic segregation.

In his reaction, former media aide to ex-President Good luck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, via his official Twitter handle @renoomkri said, “It is wrong to cast aspersions on Igbos due to the names on the FBI’s suspects list.

“I don’t condone what they are alleged to have done. But Sani Abacha is the world’s biggest thief, yet a stadium is named after him in Kano. We’re all guilty!

“Before you wrongly blame all Igbos for the FBI action, note that we have a governor caught on camera stuffing bribes in his pocket. He was re-elected, after the corruption hating General @MBuhari lifted his hands as his candidate. We are all guilty!”

Another user with the handle @amejahlid, said, “Not from the Igbo tribe but actually calling out a particular tribe for a fraud is unfair.”

@I_am_Oara in his tweet attributed the origin of cyber crime to Nigerian politicians. He said, “Can we just pretend we don’t have #IgboYahooBoys in government?

“Those caught by #FBI are their offsprings, their type have more chances of becoming governors, lawmakers and presidents than legit workers. This nation is sick, I hope we get well soon. #Nigerians.”

@Jay5_beatz said, “Using #IgboYahooBoys to envelop your murderous tendencies has to be the joke of the century.

“I’d rather be identified as a fraudster than as a genocidal, blood thirsty Maniac.

“I hope broader investigation is carried out & we see if truly yahoo is exclusive to Igbos.”

@princesswilson said, “Today is truly a fine day to show the intense tribalism that exists in our so-called one Nigeria. #IgboYahooBoys.”

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