Sudan’s Military Head Becomes President Of Country

Four months after Omar El-Bashir was forced out of office, General Abdul Fattah Burhan, head of the now dissolved Transitional Military Council was on Wednesday sworn in as leader of a newly formed sovereign council.

He was sworn in along with 10 other members, a prime minister and a cabinet is due to be appointed next.

“We are positive that we are together as Sudanese, a government and people that will together push forward to improve the level of our economy, improve the level of our health system and our education,” Mohanad Hamid, spokesperson for the umbrella opposition, the Sudanese Professional Association, told the BBC.

He said the deal was not perfect but the people were determined to make it work.

Mohammed Dagalo, Burhan’s deputy in the TMC, said he would uphold the deal.

Dagalo has been in charge of the Rapid Support Force, a paramilitary group that has been accused for torture, abductions and killings.

Burhan will be in office for 21 months and hand over to a civilian member of the sovereign council before elections are conducted in 2022.

This is a climax to months of violent protest break-ups and sniper attacks on demonstrators.

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