Police Failed To Stop My Inauguration As Biafra President– Barr Onwuka BZF

The Biafra Zionists Federation, BZF, has described the police cordon-off of strategic public places in Enugu State on Tuesday, as an act of cowardice.

Leader of the group, Barr. Benjamin Onwuka stated in a speech he released to journalists shortly after his acclaimed inauguration as President of the BZF.

Onwuka had few weeks back announced that he would be inaugurated as Biafra President on Tuesday, July 30, at the Michael Okpara Square, Enugu.

He also capped it up by releasing a list of ministerial nominees.

However, from the eve of July 29, the police took over strategic locations in the State in a move to stop Onwuka and his group from carrying out their plans.

Apart from Okpara Square, the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium Enugu, among other places, were cordoned-off by the police.

Onwuka, in his speech circulated to journalists on Wednesday described the lockdown as an exercise in futility and act of cowardice.

“This is to inform the entire world that myself, Benjamin Igwe Onwuka has been sworn in as the President of the Republic of Biafra,” he claimed in his speech.

According to Onwuka, “Buhari encircled Enugu with heavy security to stop the swearing-in, but we had a successful swearing-in in Enugu at the full glare of his desperate security. Despite the lockdown of Enugu, we achieved it.

“It was a futile attempt and act of cowardice to barricade public places just in a bid to stop the Zionists but they failed. We succeeded because of the full diplomatic support of the United States of America.

“Okpara Square and other parts of Enugu were surrounded with heavy security but Buhari and his men failed to stop the swearing-in of Zionists leader, Onwuka as Biafra President. The Buhari government used the army, the police, the Civil Defence to suppress Biafra yesterday, but they failed.

“They knew where we were; they surrounded us but could not come close. Before morning, they surrounded the whole of Okpara Square, the Stadium, Eastern Shop Axis, Ogui Road, they locked the whole place down, we were watching them. They even used helicopter and satellite to be monitoring where we were in Owerre Road, but we persisted that it must take place.

“All they wanted yesterday was for the announcement not to take place, so we changed tactics by saying that it was more important for our inauguration to take place than having physical confrontation with them, which could have led to so many things.

“It is for this reason that we left Okpara Square for them, but they knew where we were, but they could not come in. Our members came from all over the place with buses, it was not a secret event. There is nothing like hiding, or running. It was monumental.

“Okpara Square was just a symbol but since they blocked it, we had to come to Owerre Road, and did it there, we were seeing them across the road.

“What we said will happen yesterday, we did it; it is not just a fluke. The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump has been notified immediately.

“I am now calling on all Biafrans, wherever they are, they should come and join us, whether you are in any group, we are not discriminating.”

On the Enugu Airport, he said under the International Aviation Safety, the location was no longer suitable.

“It is so close to Emene, with a massive population; so the Airport should not be expanded; a new location should be found where a local and international airports should be constructed,” he said.

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