Buhari Lacks The Will To Fight Corruption, Says AU Diplomat

…Goje’s graft case undermines Buhari’s integrity

Dr Babafemi Badejo, a diplomat working with the African Union, says President Muhammadu Buhari lacks the political will to fight corruption.

Badejo said, “It is safe to conclude that the Buhari administration lacks the will to fight corruption. The perception, though constantly denied, is clearly out there that prosecution through the EFCC is only for Nigerians who are either weak or are in opposing parties and/or critical of the government in power.

“The EFCC itself is being de-institutionalised by the actions of the Buhari administration.”

He added, “President Buhari condones some of those alleged to be corrupt and his recent use of nolle prosequi in the case of Senator Danjuma Goje further undermines his perception as a Nigerian of integrity.

“An individual will engage in corruption if the incentives to do so outweigh the disincentives.”

Arguing further, the diplomat said: “The government must go beyond the punitive approach to undertake a holistic focus that looks at factors that accentuate the desire to perpetrate various forms of corruption and address these without throwing the punitive orientation overboard.”

Badejo spoke at an international conference to commemorate the Second African Union Anti-Corruption Year, according to a statement.

The conference, which held in Abuja, was sponsored by the Pan-African Strategic Research Group and Centre for Democracy and Development.

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