How Fani-Kayode Forced Atiku To Respond To RUGA Controversy

Former Aviation Minister Femi Fani-Kayode has forced the People’s Democratic Presidential Candidate and former vice president Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to make a statement on the lingering RUGA issue after he asked the former VP three questions on his tweeter page.

Fani-Kayode tweeted thus: I have three questions for the man who I believe won the 2019 presidential election. The first question he sought for answer from Atiku is ‘’What is your position on RUGA?  2. Why have you not said one word about it?  3. What is your position on the threat and 30-days ultimatum made by Arewa youth against southerners?

The former minister went ahead to respond to a tweeter user who replied him that Atiku is wiser than him by asking ‘’Wiser than me? Is that what you call wisdom? Not addressing the vital questions of the day? Are you aware of the fact that COURAGE is a virtue? You are too dumb to be on my timeline. Pl grow up and go back into the dirty little hole you crawled out of.

It was not long after that Atiku took to his tweeter handle to state his position on RUGA, leaving out the issue of the 30-day ultimatum by northern youth to southerners.

‘’My position on Ruga is the same as articulated by the Governors elected under the banner of my party, the PDP. My position has been well reiterated by our Governors and the PDP is one. I will not dignify that threat with a response. There is no North or South. There is just Nigeria.’’

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