Buhari Should Implement The Moh’d Uwais Electoral Reforms Recommendations –Femi Falana

Human rights advocate, Femi Falana, has called on the President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government, political parties and other stakeholders to work on implementing previous electoral recommendations by various panels set up by the government.

Falana stated this on Sunday in a statement.

He explained: “The last general election in Nigeria, the largest democracy in Africa took place between February and March 2019.  The election was monitored by local monitors and supervised by foreign observers.

“The reports of the local monitors have been ignored by the federal government and other stakeholders. However, the report of the former colonial master and her allies in the European Union is being celebrated by all the stakeholders including the mass media.”

He noted that after launching the report at Abuja, the foreign election observers are currently presenting copies to the presidency, national assembly, INEC, APC, PDP, and others.

The legal expert added: “Even many people who have not read the report of the foreigners are praising it and advising the federal government to adopt it in toto! But before the report of the ex-colonial masters on how to conduct credible elections in Nigeria is adopted the neo-colonial federal government must be compelled to implement the recommendations of the Justice Mohammed Uwais Panel, Ahmed Lemu Panel and Ken Nnamani Panel on electoral reforms.

“The recommendations and the reports of the local election monitors are much more relevant than the report of the foreign observers. Meanwhile, since the federal government has refused to set up the electoral offences tribunal recommended by the Uwais panel, INEC and the police should arraign in court the godfathers who sabotaged internal democracy in some of the parties and the armed thugs who committed other grave electoral offences during the last general election.”

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