Women React To Actor Asiegbu’s Wife Idea That Dressing Provocatively At Home Will Stop Husbands From Cheating

Nigerian women are certainly not buying the idea wife of Nollywood actor, Ejike Asiegbu, Oge, is proffering on how to stop a husband from cheating.

Oge shared the photo above on the right on her IG page with the caption,

”If every house wife should start dressing like this at home there wouldn’t be so much story about cheating. Stop tying APC wrapper for your chest #showoff #sexy #wife.

Nigerian women are not buying her opinion. Many say a cheating man will be a cheating man even if his wife walks around the house naked. See their reactions below. ‘’I want to disagree with this, any man that wants to cheat will cheat, it not about how you dress. It’s a thing of the mind.

Some described men as a dog that will never change, while another said woman should at least stop wearing wrapper the way they do it at home but not to get nude because of the man because that will not make much difference. While some said the women should get busy and stop thinking about their cheating husbands because men will always be men any day any time.

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