Don’t Blame Govt Over Your Inability To Acquire A Skill- Paddy Anyatonwu

Director-General Abia State Mass Mobilization Agency, Paddy Anyatonwu has called on Abians to think Abia always, as well as try to acquire a skill in life and not to put the blame on government, because the government can’t do everything for us.

The Director-General in a chat with News Critic, said that the tendency today is for majority of people to rely on white collar jobs, whereas there are so many opportunities one can tap from if only we are able to develop a skill. Mr. Anyatonwu, who disclosed that the Agency is tasked with the responsibility of ethical reorientation and mindset, and in promoting patriotism, pointed out that he decided to engage Abians through teaching and reorientation of their minds in a different way.

‘’So we try to let them understand that politics is seasonal, but if they are developed from the inside of them, they can engage themselves meaningfully. Again I ask, what is happening to farming? Why are we not embracing farming like our forebears did? So our message is different, he explained. Speaking further, the DG maintained that time has come when people should not think that it’s in wearing shirt and tie that can put bread on their table.

‘’Things are changing, he said, ‘’I move from one school to the other teaching on how to acquire a skill even as an undergraduate, and I thank God the efforts have started to produce results. We are saying that Abians should take a look at what Governor Okezie Ikpeazu has done with made in Aba products…we must acquire a skill and if you don’t have a skill why can’t you learn how to make hair to help yourself since your father must send money to you in the school. There are other skills you can learn like computer applications, or how to designs cars and complimentary cards etc. Time has gone when we believe government must do everything for us, no’’, he remarks.

The DG implored Abians to always put in their best in doing their job well, whether as a civil servant, a mechanic or road sweeper, saying man must work diligently to make ends meet. He also warned people against circumventing the system or bending the rules and cutting corners, saying that if things are done properly everyone will benefit.

Anyatonwu said, ‘’our message to Abians is think Abia always by acquiring a skill. We don’t have to destroy government things and we should not come to work late. If you continue to blame the government what is your gain and what have you done on your own part. If each of us does our bit everything will be fine, but when we mess things up and continue to blame the government, meanwhile you are giving yourself a bad image. We need to support Dr. Ikpeazu deliver on his vision for the state, he advises.

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