Founding Father Of Yoruba, Oduduwa Was Never Last Born To The Igbos – Oluwo of Iwoland

The Oluwo of Iwoland, Emeror Telu has said ‘Oduduwa’ was never last born of any Igbo Prince saying, “place the two cultures side by side in greetings, communication, language, clothing, idols, dancing, wedding etc, one needs no teacher to tell you there are clear distinction. We only must respect the nation that binds us together, Nigeria”

 He said this in a bid to lay the controversy of Yoruba-Igbo ties to rest, Oluwo of Iwoland said the founding father of Yoruba, Oduduwa was never last born to the Igbo prince as claimed by Ohaneze Ndigbo.

Oluwo described the claim as unfounded, false and misleading to the stalwarts of history, beseeching Igbo community to further their research on the adventure of their own Odudunwa rather than demeaning the status of Yoruba rallying point.

“Yoruba nation was founded by Oduduwa. Oduduwa brought the first civilization which is the crown. Oduduwa demonstrated an unequalled leadership, shrewd, peculiar, unparalleled, unmatched, quintessential and different, served his people and became rallying point for his services to humanity. He gave us the best tradition, so respectful and obedience. Yoruba culture is rich, very beautiful and unblemished emanated from Oduduwa”.

“History is rich, necessary and must always be objective because it is a foundation to the future. Worldwide, Yoruba land is the source of every natural crowns. Our crowns are spirit, divinely ordained and sacred. It was brought by Oduduwa. And we owe a duty as his progenitors to defend everything about him”.

“The fact that Odudunwa means last born in Igbo language does not made anyone bearing similar name Igbo born. Ours was Oduduwa meaning ” He came out black”.O-He, Dudu-black, Wa-Came Oduduwa was an immortal symbol of merit. Oduduwa was never a subject to anybody in West Africa. Our own Oduduwa was one different from your own Odudunwa meaning last born. We have countless last born in Yoruba called “Abikanhin”.

There may be many Odudunwa but only one Oduduwa” “Oduduwa was the source of every natural crowns worldwide. He has been in existence even before traditional governance was extended to the Igbos. How then can you be a prince to what you preceeded?” Oluwo queried.

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